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The Gypsy Horse is known by many names: Gypsy Vanners, Gypsy Cobs, Romany Cobs, Irish Cobs, Tinkers, Traveler's Horses.  They all describe a horse of the same general type.  These horses are a combination of many breeds, including Irish Draft, Friesian, Connemara, Dales pony, Clydesdale, and Shire.  They posses a calm temperament, which was important to the families that used them to pull the grand caravans of the Gypsies.  

These horses are excellent for driving and make great jumpers, dressage mounts or western.  Traditionally they are used to pull the Gypsy caravans and the children ride them bareback.

There are numerous different registries all around the world.  We are members of a few, including ones here in the United States: the Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association and the Gypsy Horse Association. The Irish Cob Society (ISC) is based in Ireland, and we are also in process of becoming members of that.  Each registry has its own set of high standards horses must meet to be accepted.  To get more information on these registries, visit our links page and you will find links to these registries and more.

Kyanna contributed drawings for the Gypsy Horse Association Color Chart, seen below. What a colorful breed!

The following is an essay written by Michele and was featured in the October 2005 issue of Horse Previews Magazine.

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