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Bullitan Board

Ailish is one of our original Gypsy mares. She was imported from Ireland in January 2004 along with
Kiah to be the founding mares of our Gypsy herd. She is a very elegant mare, with tons of mane,
tail and feathering. Her movement is very deliberate and cadenced and she passes this on to all of her foals.

Ailish has now had 5 fillies on the ranch, and in 2012 she is taking time off from being a mom to further
her training under saddle and eventually under harness. She has a good mind and gracefully
acts as the lead mare in our growing herd of horses. We are excited to see what more she can do!
Check back for photos and updates of our endeavors with Ailish!

Ailish's Photo Shoots: 2004-2009

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February 2004: Meeting Michele

June 2005: With Baby Zaira

2006 & 2007

2008: Adventures With Freya, 2009: Ride the West and 2010: Date with Vimto

Ailish delivered a stunning filly by our stallion Vimto on June 29, 2011. Gemma is a proper cob, will be of a traditional
size and has a wonderful, heart-warming personality. She is a favorite of visitors to the ranch, and gets lots of
compliments on her sweet temperment. She is exceptionally balanced and athletic. Ailish has given excellent qualities
to all her foals so far, and Gemma carries on thsi tradition. Gemma is for sale, and you can find out more about her
on her


Lilikoi [2004 daughter by unknown sire]

Zaira [2005 daughter by Nelson]

Isabella [2006 daughter by Nelson]

Freya [2008 daughter by Marquis]

Ziva [2009 grandaughter {Vimto x Zaira}]

Gemma [2011 daughter by Vimto]

Rock Ranch Nelson [1995 Gypsy Stallion/sire of Isabella and Zaira]

North Star Sylvester the Marquis [2002 Gypsy Stallion/sire of Freya]

Ailish was painted as a part of the Midnight Sun Carousel Series. She is 5th in the series, and is depicted
with celtic knots, braids and fabrics. You can find out more about the series by visiting the Savvy Seeker Art Gallery.


Ailish is registered with:

Gyspy Vanner Horse Society: #GV00251F

Gypsy Horse Association: #GHA00257

Gypsy Cob and Drum Horse Association

Irish Cob Society

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