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Bullitan Board

$8000 US


Ari is growing up well, he is now pastured with our gentle stallion, Vimto.

Midnight Sun Ranch Ari arrived in a very timely manner exactly on his due date of July 29, 2013. His
maiden mom, Freya had a textbook easy labor lasting all of 5 minutes. He is Freya's first foal as well as
his sire Sullivan's first foal. Scroll down this page for more photos and information on this boy's
exciting bloodlines!

Ari is black and white with hints that his black patches will roan out as he matures. He has one crystal blue
eye and one half blue eye. He is estimated to reach a traditional size of 14hh. He has a regal air that fits
with his beloved bloodlines which include Tonka, The Lottery Horse, Nobby, The Tri-Mare, Samson,
the Old Horse of Wales (Cushti Bok's sire) and the Sweeper Mare.

"Ari" is an Armenian name meaning "brave". It is also Hebrew for "lion" and Norse for "Eagle", which
seemed fitting as his dam has a Norse name as well. He is constantly investigating and taking in the world.
He was born courageous, and will be a strong riding/driving partner in the years to come.

Ari' Baby Photo Gallery

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Ari's Growing Photo Gallery

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Ari's Family


Freya [2008 dam]

Sullivan [2008 sire]

Tonka [1997 great-grandsire]

Ailish [1999 grand-dam]

Savannah[2003 grand-dam]

Nobby [2000 great-grandsire]

Ari is currently in process of being registered with the
Gypsy Horse Association.

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