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Bullitan Board

$8000 US

Freya was our only foal of 2008!  She was born a quick little filly who has very similar markings
to her mom, Ailish.  She's extremely curious and
loves to test her own agility by running around at top speed, and just when you think
she is going so fast she wouldn't possibly be able to stop, she comes to an incredibly
quick stop with great ease. 

Freya is named in honor of a dear friend's dog who passed around the same time our
filly was born.  Freya also means "Lady" and this filly definitely embodies the word.
She will have substantial bone, but we expect she will be a classically refined cob,
like her mother. 

Freya is the name of the goddess of love and beauty, which we are sure will be two of
this filly's fortes.  She is a lovebug and loves attention and interaction, and you can't
beat her looks!

Freya's bloodlines include The Old Horse of Wales (Cushti Bok's sire)The Old Horse of
Ireland, Samson, The Black and White Mare, and The Sweeper Mare.


Freya was part of the Midnight Sun Event Team that participated in the Gypsy Show at the Oregon State
Fair, August 2010. We are proud that Freya placed in 2 out of 3 of her classes. She and Zaira were excellent representatives of Midnight Sun Ranch.

Freya's Baby Photo Gallery

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Freya: Year 1

Here is a collection of photos from Freya's first autumn and winter.

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The Adventures of Freya & Esumi

Freya and Esumi have been the best of friends since Freya was born. They play for hours each day
and keep each other company. Here are just a few of their antics we've captured on camera!

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Freya's Family

Isabella [2006 half-sister]

Zaira [2005 half-sister]

Lilikoi [2004 half-sister]

Gemma [20011 half-sister]

Ailish [1999 dam]

Marquis [2002 sire]

Freya was painted as a part of the Midnight Sun Carousel Series. She is 2nd in the series, and is depicted
with a leaf cape, flowers and Norse symbols. You can find out more about the series by
visiting the Savvy Seeker Art Gallery


Freya is registered with the Gypsy Horse Assoication: #GHA00498

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