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$8000 US

Midnight Sun Ranch Gemma is our lovely 2011 filly out of our own Ailish and Vimto. She is a spectacular black
pinto with sharp markings and hints that she will roan out as she matures.

Gemma is growing up stunning!

Gemma is a curious and confident filly who bravely explores the world around her. She loves people and trying
out new things. At two weeks old she is beginning to learn what it means to yeild to a feel on the halter.

Gemma's name is of Latin origin and means "Jewel". She certainly has lived up to her name so far; in looks
and spirit. Our program for haltering and teaching foals to lead is based on each horse's timeline, and Gemma
was way ahead of the class. At just over two weeks old she was waiting patiently near her mother, waiting
to be haltered up and lead back to her evening pen. This filly loves to act grown-up, but has not lost her
young exhuberance and curiousity either. She is a very thoughtful horse and would be a wonderful family
or kid's horse once she's a few years old. At a projected 14hh at maturity, she will be a great size for children
or for an adult looking for an easygoing, athletic and sturdy horse. She's got a sweet pony type head, with
a well balanced neck and shoulder that makes it possible for her to collect herself easily.

Gemma's Photo Gallery

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Summer 2013

2014 and 2015

Gemma's Baby Photo Gallery

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June and July 2011

Ailish gave birth to Gemma on June 29, 2011 in a long tradition of allowing the Midnight Sun Ranch Crew
to be present.


Lilikoi [2004 half-sister by unknown sire]

Zaira [2005 half-sister by Nelson]

Isabella [2006 half-sister by Nelson]

Vimto [2005 sire]

Phineas [2009 half-brother]

Ziva [2009 half-sister {Vimto x Zaira}]


Gemma registered with the Gypsy Horse Association: #GHA00617

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