Midnight Sun Ranch - Maeby - Gypsy Filly For Sale

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Bullitan Board

$5000 US


Midnight Sun Ranch Maeby is a flashy filly born in the wee morning hours of May 26, 2014. She is compact
and stocky, yet refined like her dam, Zaira. She is a repeat of a previous crossing of Zaira and our stallion
Vimto. We liked the resulting 2009 filly so much that we crossed these two again. Maeby is very similar
to her full sister, Ziva, which gives a glimpse into how she will eventually mature.

An excursion down the driveway in early September

Meaby comes from excellent lines on both sides; her maternal grand-dam is our imported Irish mare Ailish,
and her maternal grandsire is Rock Ranch Nelson, an English-bred stallion now in California. Her sire is our
stallion Vimto, who comes from the well-known Vines lines.

Maeby is a pet form of "Mary" or "Margaret", meaning "pearl". She was born in May so Maeby
sounded more appropriate.

Maeby' Baby Photo Gallery

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Maeby's Growing Photo Gallery

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Mae's Family

Zaira [2005 dam]

Vimto [2005 sire]

Isabella [2006 aunt]

Freya [2008 aunt]

Lilikoi [2004 aunt]

Ailish [1999 grand-dam]

Phineas [2009 half-brother]

Maeby is currently in process of being registered with the
Gypsy Horse Association.

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