Midnight Sun Ranch - Sophie

Below is Sophie's bulletin board. CLICK on the photos to go to the more detailed information. 

Bullitan Board

Sophie is the newest addition to the non-horse family here at Midnight Sun Ranch. She is a young
Pomeranian who wears a disguise similar to our Gypsy Horses. She even has feathering on her paws. Her
spunky personality has been fun to keep up with, and she fits in nicely with all the black and white horses.

Sophie's a bundle of energy that keeps us on our toes. She enojoys keeping tabs on all members of the family
and long walks to fetch the mail. She only knows one trick: "Bear Paws" but is working on another
animal-inspired trick, "Fish Tail". We will update on her progress.

Sophie's's Photo Gallery

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Sophie had large paws to fill, as our previous family dog, Willow, was the best. She was a sweet Sheltie
who watched over our family for 17 years before she passed away peacefully in August 2005.

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