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$9,000 US


Video of Ziva walking a weave pattern, meeting a bicycle and various other things as a coming two-year-old.

Midnight Sun Ranch Ziva is our second and final foal of 2009. She's an exquisite piebald filly by our
stallion Vimto and out of our mare Zaira, a filly born on our ranch out of our good mare Ailish.

A video featuring Ziva and her attitude towards being caught, haltered, hooves handled, gate etiquette and moving.

Ziva's name is Hebrew for "bright" and "radient". She has embodied these characteristics from the day
she was born. She takes after her mom with her refined dished profile and her similarly marked body. We
expect her to display sabino markings like Zaira. Ziva has a high neck carriage and elegant movement that
makes it impossible to keep your eyes off her as she floats around the field.

Ziva comes from excellent lines on both sides; her maternal grand-dam is our imported Irish mare Ailish, and her
maternal grandsire is Rock Ranch Nelson, an English-bred stallion now in California. Her sire is our stud Vimto,
who comes from the well-known Vines lines. Ziva is an excellent combination of her sire and dam, and has taken
on the best attributes of each. Her temperment and athleticism will allow her to excell in any discipline asked of her.
She has showy, springy gaits that would shine under harness, in the dressage ring, or in western disciplines. She
also has a sweet personality and good mind suitable for a trail or pleasure horse, or family pet.

Ziva is offered for sale at this time, please contact us if you are interested in her,
seeing more photos or seeing a video.  We are excited to have such a great filly for
sale, and we know she is someone's dream horse!

Ziva's Growing Gallery

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Ziva's Baby Photo Gallery

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Ziva's Family

Zaira [2005 dam]

Vimto [2005 sire]

Isabella [2006 aunt]

Freya [2008 aunt]

Lilikoi [2004 aunt]

Ailish [1999 grand-dam]

Phineas [2009 half-brother]

Ziva was painted as a part of the Midnight Sun Carousel Series. She is 7th in the series, and is depicted
with tassles, chains and jewels. You can find out more about the series by visiting the
Savvy Seeker Art Gallery.

Ziva is registered with the Gypsy Horse Association.

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